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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Starting The New Year Right

To be sure the New Year is many thing to many people.  For some it is the time to make the push to the playoff, for some it is the time to turn the season around, and for other it is about making the change to carry them through the summer.

The most important thing is the New Year is just that, a new year.

It can be very positive, if you decide to make it so.  It can also be very negative if you decide to make it so.  No matter which answer it be, the answer is up to you.

I always recommend to player to simply start over.  No matter how good or bad the first part of season was, you can always make the last part of it good.  Whether you focus on winning, point production, positional play, or simply being a better team mate.  It can be what you make it to be.

Attitude will determine everything.

No one will remember the win or loss you have ten year from now.  Everyone will remember the player who make the positive impact though.  Most important, you will remember.

Yes, it is the ultimate team game.  But it is also a game where much individual fulfillment can come in the context of the team.

For those of you ending you junior career this year, what legacy to do want to leave you club with?  Do you want to be talked about in the positive way by the coaches when you leave, or leave the reputation you would not be proud of?  Again it is up to you.

For those of you with more time left to play junior, do you want to be invited back by the team?  Do you want to be seen as the potential leader for the next season?

You junior hockey experience will be what you make it.  Win or lose, you can make the season a win for you.


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