Confessions Of A junior Hockey Coach – Taking The Next Step

To be sure, we all aspire to continue to reach higher levels.  If we do not, then we are only killing time and “living the dream”.  Eventually though, if you living the dream, you must always wake up.

To take the next step is different for everyone.  Everyone at different stages of the career and in the development of the player.

To take the next step is to train you body, and you mind in the way that will allow you to take the next step.  The training is in the off season the most important thing you can do to prepare for the next season.

It is known that the biggest difference between the top level player and the player trying to make it to the top is found in a few thing;

The way a player train in the gym.  The way he take care of his nutrition, and the way he train his mind by study the game.

It is no longer enough just to play the game and have the talent.  It is critical to put in the work.  Like any other job, you must study and perfect you craft to become the desired employee.

It is best to spend three or four time the amount in the gym as you do on the ice practicing in the summer.  It is not good to spend all the time on the ice and going to a camp every weekend.

All of this time spent chasing camps all summer keep you out of the gym, and then you wonder why you not in you peak condition when it come time for you main camp?

Training smart does not mean over training.  Training smart means training with a plan to be ready for main camp at the end of the summer.  It mean eating right, and spending the time in the gym.  It mean playing different sport during the summer months.

Every year I see the player arrive to main camp after spending the summer on the road chasing the dream.  He has lost weight, and he is burnt out.  This is not the way to start the season.

Be smart, train smart, and you can take the next step.


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