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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – The Process Of Making The Right Team Choice

To be sure, we all want to know where we will play next season as early as possible.  It is a good thing to have that information to just focus on the preparation.

For most though, the knowing of what team they play for next year will not happen early.  It is a process that nearly every player have to go through until they establish themself as the high level prospect.

The next important date in North America is the NAHL draft on June 9th.  This date important to American, Canadian and European player alike.  Although being selected is no promise of anything other than improved opportunity, it also take some guess work out of the process.

Until then though, all player should put together the “back up” plan.  Either at the Tier III, Junior A Canada, or Junior B Canada level.  Not that Junior A Canada is lower level than NAHL, but they can not sign player until June 1 officially anyway.

It do not hurt to “sign” or verbally commit to one of these program if they are willing to release you without compensation if you make an NAHL team if that is your first choice.  Any team unwilling to offer this option is not the team you want to play for anyway.

Many team in Canada Junior A and Tier III United States offer this option, and it is smart recruiting.

The last thing you want is to be drafted, or main camp invite and not have a backup plan.  Because if thing do not work out, there may not be a good backup plan available and you left looking and begging for the place to play last minute.

It is the interview that the team do to player, and player need to do with each team.  See if there is the match in thought process and goals for the player and team.  Ask intelligent questions, keep notes in how those questions are answered and compare notes of each team interview.

This is no different from a job interview.  Would you go to job interview without questions?  If so, you likely to be unemployed a long time.

Be smart player and parent.


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