Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – The Self Entitled Player Is Shameful Embarrassment

I wish to thank the Coaches who write to me bringing up this subject for me to talk about.  Yes, many coaches have write to us about this remarkable group of player who believe they are entitled to something.

We know, and you know who you are.  Some of you now reading will stop reading because you do not want to hear what a problem you are.  Some parent will stop reading once they figure out that their son is the player I am talking about.  It matters not.

We all know the player who make statements such as “I should be playing in the….”, “I deserve to be in the…”, or similar statement sound like spoiled children crying about how someone else received the new puppy.

Recently I hear player complaining to other player about the ice time he not get.  Player say he do not understand and that coach is the “asshole”.  This is the player who think he better than he really is.  This is the player who bounce from team to team every year because he never happy.

For sure it is expected the disappointment for the player.  It is not expected the player act like spoiled brat.

This is junior hockey.  This is not the house or travel hockey where money or personal reputation can influence you position on the team.  If it do, then the coach need to be fired.

Not every player is “entitled” to play junior hockey.  Unfortunately with too many team, nearly anyone can play junior hockey now.  It was originally intended for the exceptional player, not for the player who want to play junior.

For the self entitled spoil brat, it is time to stop believing the coach that only compliments you.  It is time to start working hard.  It is time to start changing your game to make you the more valuable player.  It is time to stop blaming everyone else, and realize you are just not that special.

To be sure every team will have good players.  For sure some good players to be overlooked once in a while.  This happens and is disappointing.  That is life.

Where you played last season does nothing but open a door to this season.  Just because you played AAA does not mean you deserve anything in Junior Hockey.  Just because you played Tier III does not mean you deserve Tier II.  The player is not entitled to anything more than an opportunity.

Your age entitles you to nothing.

You are only as good as your last game.  If you scored the hat trick in last game people remember.  If you scored the minus three the last game, the people remember.  If you work hard the last game the coaches will remember.

It is now that we will hear “I should be”, “The Coach doesn’t like me”, “I dont know why they play him over me”, “I am better than that guy”, and all the other excuses.

Would you want a person who says these things sitting next to you in a dressing room?

Coaches are smart people in most cases.  Maybe it is that the Coach see the “attitude” of the player who think he is entitled to make the team and that is reason enough to cut him?

So, if you one of the self entitled player, time to grow up.  Take the responsibility for you own action.  You are owed nothing.


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