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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – The Truth About Paying For Press “Exposure”

So many people like to write about the “exposure” of players.  It is a big joke when I read the people that have never been to the highest levels of hockey or helped get a player to the highest levels of hockey write about “exposure”.

Let us be sure we know some very basic thing about real exposure.

It do not come from any team “paying” for advertising anywhere.  Not on this site or any other site.

It do not come from “paying” to have some other “prospect” news write a story about you.

It come from PAYING you dues by the work you put in.  It come from putting the work in on and off the ice.  It come from putting yourself in the position to have success.  It come from doing what others do not do.

The common player is exactly that, common.  It is the exceptional player that is noticed for being exceptional.

News, when not being bought, when being written by the non biased, and not influenced news agency is influential.  But if you can “buy” it, then anyone can “buy” it, and it is worthless because everyone know you pay for it.

If you “buy” it, you are really only buying the “classified advertising” that you will read and flatter youself with.  No one else will pay it attention.  It is as they say buying the sizzle and leaving the steak behind.

If you want exposure, do thing to set youself apart.  Become uncommon.  When you become uncommon, or rare, you never have to pay to try to get attention, because everyone will give you the attention based on your uncommonness.

Crosby, McDavid, Eichel, and Matthews are examples of the uncommon.  They do more.  They not only have the talent naturally, but they do more.  They go beyond what is expected.  They have from the very young age.  It is what has set them apart from the young age.

Not one of those player ever “pay” for “exposure”.  Everyone one of those player are “uncommon”.  So the question I ask you now is; what will you do to become uncommon?

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