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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Three Questions To Ask Before Signing Up For A Team Camp And Why To Ask Them

It is the summer camp time of year again.  The time for the recruiting, the time for booking travel and the time for watching the money fly out of you pocket if you not careful.

There are several important question to ask before committing to attend any camp.  And there are several reason why you need to ask them.

  1. How many players will be attending camp?

If they wont answer the question, you don’t want to go.  If its going to be more than 150 players, you may get lost in a crowd.  Scout do not want to watch 200 or more player.  No one want to sit in the rink that long.  No one can maintain focus on player that long either.  Scout will become distracted or lose interest if there too many player.

     2.  How many player made it on the team from this camp last year?

If they don’t answer the question, you don’t go.  If it is one out of one hundred then you know what the odds are you will make it this year.

     3.  How many openings do you have at my position on the roster?

If they don’t answer the question, you don’t go.

Those are three simple question to ask with three simple answer.  If there any hesitation from the team when asked, then you might want to look someplace else.

Too many player is not the good thing.  Why risk getting lost in the crowd?  The best showcase event have 6 or 8 high quality team.  Too many team equal too many player and too many player mean watered down talent.  Watered down talent mean scout don’t care so much.

Be smart this summer.  Spend you money wise.  Remember what work for one player may not work for the other.  If you get confused, you money better spent on getting the adviser to do the work for you.


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