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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Time To Look In The Mirror

Now with most regular season over, and some team knocked out of the playoffs, it is time to take stock of things.  It is time for every player to look themselves in the mirror!  It is time for every Coach, General Manager and Owner to do the same as well!

Before you look in the mirror, put you ego aside, and prepare for honest self assessment.  This is as they say you “come to Jesus” moment.

As youself the following questions;

Did I fulfill my goals as a player?  Did I grow as a player?  Was I a good team mate?  Did I do all that I could all of the time on and off the ice to make my team and myself better?  Did I communicate effectively?  Did I help others on and off the ice?  Did I take responsibility for my actions?

Did I whine?  Did I complain?  Did I blame others?

Be honest with youself.  If you answer honestly, you will all find something you can work on to become better.

What is you plan moving forward?  Do you actually have a plan or are you leaving thing to chance?

Spring and Summer are the time to train and set goals for next season.  Some of you will sit and whine about how someone else is getting all the breaks instead of working hard and smart to create you own breaks.  Some of you will think you can continue to rely on talent and will not work hard then left wondering what happened when you have no success next year.

I challenge you to look in the mirror and be honest.  If you cant be honest with youself then you cant be honest with anyone else and you shouldn’t expect them to be honest with you.


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