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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – When Will Leagues Learn?

To be sure we are all getting the good chuckle watching all the Tier III team fold this year.  It is only the repeat of last year.

So I ask when it become clear to everyone else, why do the league leaders, the commissioners, presidents, and board of governors insist on expanding?  I wonder how greedy, or how stupid you must really be.

Every year you expand, and we all know there not enough player to fill all these teams.  Every year you fill you pocket with expansion franchise fee though.  It is greedy, selfish, and bad for the game.

Do no one actually care about the kids?  The players who sign with the team that ends up folding.  He end up losing his money paid for the team in most case.  He already lose his tryout money.  But most important he lose opportunity with other team that he could have had if the team folding simply would have been honest.

With more and more player quitting the game each year because of rising cost to play, the league that expand every year prove they only in it for money.

Who would actually pay over $100,000 for a Tier III team?  That just show how stupid some of this is.  They have so much money they don’t care, and if they don’t care about they own money, they don’t care about yours.

So today we all sit and wait and watch for the next one to fold.  We know more are folding but we just don’t have the exact time.  While we get the chuckle, we need to remember, some kids will quit hockey each time this happens.

It is sad indeed.  It is also too predictable.  Every August and September, we can all count on people’s stupidity.  What’s funny is they know it too.  Many of them read these stories before they actually get a team, or they read these stories before they vote in new members to the league each year.  It is perhaps funny to think that each year after reading these story, and knowing each new team could potentially put their own team out of business, they go for the franchise fee.

If you league leaguer, or commissioner and you have team fold in you league, you should be embarrassed.


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