Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – You Are Not Entitled To Opportunity


I have spent the last three week on the road as I usually do this time of year.  I visit some of my favorite team and some of my favorite city.  It is a great time of year.

Every team has the renewed sense of hope.  Last season is well behind, and everyone is excited to see what the new season will bring.  Fan feel it, staff feel it, and returning player feel it.

It is also the hard time of the year for the coaches.  Cutting player is never fun and never easy.  People do not understand that even the most experience coach struggle to get through the cut down days.  Very emotional even when you don’t know the player very well.

Lately though, player making it easier for coach to get over cutting them.  Player with the attitude and some walking out voicing they opinion that coach “made the mistake”, “don’t know what they doing”, “should get some glasses”, or “is the fucktard”.

All of those are direct quote I hear myself in the last three week.  All of those actually voiced by player as they leave the room after being cut, or say right to coach face after being cut.


The disrespect shown by some player to hockey coaches is shocking.  It is so shocking that parent should be ashamed of their children.  But of course, the parent who hear this say nothing.  They let the player get away with the disrespect.

So, allow me to make sure you know one very important thing.

Not a single one of you deserves or is entitled to anything.  You can all be replaced.  And it is the player like you that no one want on the team.  It is the player like you who career will be short.  The player like you that his own team mate want to beat up in the dressing room.

You, and you spoiled little brat are not entitled to anything.  You get nothing you do not earn when you get to the top level.  It is time you understand that.

Maybe it is you bad, self entitled attitude that got you cut in the first place?  Maybe coaches know you are the spoiled self entitled brat?  Yes, because everyone talk.  As soon as you open you smart mouth, we can send the email to everyone we know.

So next time, maybe you want to think before you talk, and then, not talk at all.  You are not entitled to anything, you are not entitled to opportunity.


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