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Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Your Reputation Can Make Or Break You

It can take a lifetime to build a good reputation and only a minute to destroy it.  This I hear from a good friend of mine every time we talk.

To be sure not many things are more important in the game than your reputation.  To be sure too it is unfortunate that other people can an effect your reputation.

Your attitude, your work ethic, your compete level, your skill level, your skating ability and many other things are taken into account when coaches are looking at you on the ice for their team.

The way you carry yourself off the ice and how well you are seen within the community are now just as important to your reputation as your on ice ability.

Your parents are also just as important to how you are seen.  How they interact with the coaches, the scouts, and on social media.

Parents must be aware that how they act and speak is effecting their child ability to move up the levels of hockey.  Many player now is not getting opportunity because of the parent.

Recently two coaches spoke to me of a player that both liked very much.  He was seen as a top performing player to move up a level from where he has been the last two season.  Both coaches too also know that the player parent can be a problem.  The problem is the parent think they know what should be done with the player.  The problem is the player parent talk too much and make opinion known on social media to everyone.

The bigger problem is the parent has no experience in hockey and is acting like a spoiled hockey parent.  The result, both teams pass on the player and he is not moved up.  That player, even though top performer will never understand why he is passed over by the teams and scouts.

This is true story and only happened last week.

The parent will not know why the player is not going up, and will likely now just become more of a problem for the player.  The player can not say something to parent because that is the parent.

In another instance, a coach I talk to tell me about a player he likes but is afraid to bring him to team.  Why?  He found on player Facebook some pictures of him drinking beer with other player.  This would not be a problem for a person of age, but the player is only 18, so he now will not know why he is not moving up.

Player, you must start to be aware.  Be aware of everything you say and do.  You never know who it is watching you or when they will see you.  Unless you are the best player in league, teams will not, and do not have to make special exceptions any more.  There are so many good player, that it is what happens off the ice that is the difference maker for many player.

Parent must stop.  Simply stop talking.  Coaches and scout do not want to hear you opinion.  Coaches and scout do not need to be told why a player should or shouldn’t move to next level.  You insult the coach and scout by trying to tell them they do not know what they are doing.  Would you accept that at you job?  I think not.

In many case, team built on scouting and the relationship the team have with scout.  Team do not always take the most talented player when a similar player is available, but have better reputation for himself and parent.

If you find youself a top performer, and thing not going your way, maybe you need to look at the reputation.


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