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Connell Totten Signs With Dells Ducks

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Connell Totten Signs With Dells Ducks August 7, 2012 7:52 AM

Hockey is a physical game. Hard hitting, fast and furious. Connell Totten knows how to bring the physical play, and he brings it every shift.

Following Coah Zaniboni from the Bozeman Icedogs, Totten was a steady physical defensive performer last season. The six foot five, two hundred twenty pound defenseman hailing from North Bend Washington, spent the previous season in the NorPAC Junior Hockey League, and played his midget hockey for the Seattle Jr. Thunderbirds.

"Connell Totten was is a physicaly dominating defenseman. He hits like a truck and knows his role on the team. " Said Head Coach Bill Zaniboni "Off the ice, he is a gentle giant that all of his team mates love to be around. A great young man who has a great sense of humor and gives everything one hundred percent effort. When I came to the Ducks, he was one of the first players I reached out to because he knows what I expect out of our team. He’s not a guy thats going to put up the points, but he is a player that opposing forwards will respect."

I had a chance to talk with Connell at the TJHN showcase this past April and he made his thoughts very clear at that time:

"I am going where ever Coach Bill goes. There no other coach at this level I would ever play for." Said Totten "If he left Bozeman I would follow him as long as he wanted me. He just understands the players, hes been there and done that. He’s just the guy that as a player you know you can trust everything he says. He moved guys up to the NAHL even when we needed those guys to win games last year. Thats a coach who is all about developing players and moving them on before trying to get wins. Thats what junior hockey is about."

Similar comments from other players making the trip from Bozeman to the Dells can be found in future articles.

Stay tuned as we profile another Ducks player daily until the start of the MNJHL season.

Joseph Kolodziej

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