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Disgraceful – The Coverups

Sexual abuse has no place in sports, or in life. The coverups of abuse often compound damages and create more victims.

The Chicago Blackhawks and the coverup of abuse that took place in 2010 are now likely to be held responsible for additional abuse suffered by another victim in 2013 from the same sex offender.

It is painfully obvious now that had the Blackhawks acted in 2010, further victimizations could have been avoided.

The fact that people are now loosing their jobs eleven years later is not only justified, but long over due. The people involved, the public figures who so often talked about accountability with players actions on the ice are now being held to account.

The idea that at the NHL level, that this could happen is simply astonishing. The idea that none of these men who knew what took place was brave enough to act shocks the conscience.

We are not talking about children here who could have been afraid of their abuser and fear physical harm. We are talking about men who covered up an abuse of another man.

Cowards and enablers. It is the only accurate description I can come up with.

Now, these powerful, and once highly thought of men will be forever disgraced. Joe Paterno comes to mind.

Justice. Eleven years too late for one victim and eight years later for another. I wonder how those Stanley Cup rings look now under this light.

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