Free Rides For OJHL Players Coming To An End


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Free Rides For OHA Players Coming To An End? June 22, 2012 8:30 AM

Our game is expensive to play. Equipment, ice time, travel, try outs, and camps all add up. The OHA is realizing that they cant continue to absorb all of the costs for players.

At the OHA’s annual general meeting last week in Windsor, the board implemented a new $300 participation fee for next season for an OHA junior hockey player. Operating at an annual deficit of $40,000.00 per year is not sustainable.

The OHA budget is $1.5 million a season, some of that funding comes from team registration fees. Teams in Junior A pay approximately $9,000 a season, while Junior B is $7,121 and Junior C $6,003.68.

Teams will also benefit from the money paid by the players, as team registration fees will diminish beginning this upcoming season. For example, Junior B fees will drop into the $5,000 range, with the aim to have all junior teams down to a $1,000 fee by 2014-15.

The belief is that the drop in team registration fees will help give the teams better financial stability. More than a dozen teams in the league have folded in the past couple of seasons. Some teams have folded due to financial difficulty and others have been folded in an effort to raise the talent level playing junior hockey within the OHA.

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