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GLJHL Every Team For Themselves May 9, 2012 7:44 AM

The GLJHL is moving to AAU. We have reported on this as well as other sites.

TJHN has now learned that teams counted on moving to AAU have recently been in contact with other former GLJHL teams seeking to join the Minnesota Junior Hockey League. These same teams have been contacting other owners seeking to start a new league under AAU that does not include Gerry Lullove as leader of the league.

Interstingly, Mr. Lullove is no longer listed as President of the GLJHL on their website. Matt Lullove is now listed as president of the GLJHL according to the GLJHL website. One can only assume based on the surname that Matt Lullove is the son of Gerry Lullove. TJHN conducted research on Matt Lullove and nothing can be found that would rise to a credible hockey resume allowing Matt Lullove to become president of a junior hockey league. On the surface this appears to be nothing more than an attempt to distance itself from the mistakes leading to the leagues future while the Lullove group retains control of the GLJHL through a new figurehead.

Recent communications to TJHN suggest the GLJHL will experience picket lines in front of at least one arena on opening night of the 2012-2013 season. Said picket lines will come from former AAHL players who are seeking to be paid money owed to them. Originally those players planned to picket only at Kankakee Kingfish games. Players have now informed TJHN that these picket lines will take place at any GLJHL game opening the 2012 -2013 season.

Stay tuned hockey fans, TJHN will publish a report on shortly that will expose a back room deal that endorsed membership in the GLJHL and the payoff to follow once they were accepted. Additional information will also be detailed describing the GLJHL history of "due diligence" concerning membership applications, and other items kept secret from consumers (players and parents paying the bill).

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