Hockey Mom Chronicles – Hey Tier III Coach, Remember Who You Work For

Here is what I do not understand….. The question I have for Junior Hockey owners, coaches and staff. WHO WORKS FOR WHO? News Flash: The player’s families pay you and you work for us…..this the answer. But teams seem to forget this little tidbit.

Coaches are making decisions for players, whether they play, do they get scratched, do they get sent down to the lower team, and the list goes on. I know it is about winning, but! It is also about the player. Not all players are created equal and not all learn the same way.

You see potential in a player and you sign them, but they struggle. Maybe it is their first time away from home, maybe they are not meshing with some of the players or maybe they are really struggling with their game. It is your responsibility to help that player reach their potential. Isn’t this what we pay you for? These kids are not just bodies, not just a paycheck. They are young men with a passion for the game. A passion you may have forgotten about from when you were their age.

Would it not be beneficial to sit down with players, especially the ones that are not your first line? Everyone knows you all favor your first line and then everyone else is jockeying for your attention, for your approval. They are trying to become your first line. They may or may not make it to your first line, but you have an obligation, a monetary and a coaching obligation to try and teach them. DO NOT GIVE up on those that fall short of your standards. They have dreams too.

Coach, do you really know how you crush some of these player’s dreams and self-confidence. Coach, do you know that they are looking to you for help, guidance, and support to fulfill their goals. Coaches stop getting caught up in yourself, “saving your jobs”, stop looking at wins on just the scoreboard, look at the players and make winning a part of making them better players, better citizens, enough of the degrading tactics. The players see right through you, they are not stupid, they are just afraid that if they come up to you and ask for help or challenge you that you will punish them by sitting them out , shortening their ice time and the list goes on.

I am blessed that this season my son has a winning coach, winning on the ice and off. But in the past season, not so much. But this season I am watching my Billet players go through some rough times.

Wake up coaches. Remember, we pay you, you do not pay us. You work for us and when I pay for a product, I expect great return on my investment.

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