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Hockey Talent Management Playoff Scouting This Weekend

Mid February means one thing in AAA hockey.  Its playoff time.  With the Tier 1 Elite league playoffs in Blaine Minnesota, the North American Prospects Hockey League playoffs in Troy Michigan, and the USPHL Presidents Day showcase in Foxboro, Hockey Talent Management scouts have a lot to watch this weekend.

While we will be tracking our current clients, we will also be watching for potential new clients.  We will also be scouting for various teams who have given us their “wish list” of positions they feel they will need to fill next season.

Knowing scouts are in the building is a great thing for young players and parents looking to take the next step in their hockey careers.  Unfortunately, because they know, they sometimes change the way they play.

If there is one simple piece of advice I can give players and parents at this time it would be this;

Continue to “buy in” to what the TEAM is doing.  Do not change what has brought you success this year.  Do not suddenly think you need to show off or hot dog for the scouts to take notice of you.  Do not disregard what your coaches have taught you all year.

As scouts, we know players at this level are good.  We know what most players bring to the table concerning skills and skating.

What we want to learn in playoff situations is how you respond to playoff pressure.  How do you play the game.  Not can you play the game, but how.  How meaning, do you think the game correctly.  Do you make the right decisions?

You worked very hard to get here this year.  Stay on the path that got you to where you are and you will have a far greater chance to continue along that path than you will if you change direction.

Joseph Kolodziej

President Hockey Talent Management

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