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HTM Adds Neil Liston

Hockey Talent Management is pleased to announce the addition of Neil Liston.

Liston joins Hockey Talent Management after two decades as a coach, trainer, and scout for AAA through professional hockey.

Neil Liston brings a wealth of experience and international connections. A regular instructor at international summer camps in Sweden and Poland, Liston is considered an expert when it comes to hockey competitive theory.

Liston is no stranger to representing players either. For many years he has represented many players in order to continue to develop connections that can benefit all players he works with.

“I have come to know Neil over the last ten years, and I have seen him pull off some amazing deals for players in Europe and North America. Neil has a way of getting the most out of players, and pushing them to reach for new heights that they didnt even know they were capable of reaching. He is a welcome addition with a lot of experience that players and parents will benefit from. ” Said HTM President Joseph Kolodziej

Neil Liston will be heading up scouting in the North Eastern United States, while representing players around the world. He will also be working closely with Devin Panzeca and Tomasz Baldys on the Pre Draft Combine series.

HTM now offers guaranteed placement in Europe and North America. Whether it is pro, junior, or AAA placement, HTM will guarantee your spot on a team commensurate with your skill level and resume.

Hockey Talent Management is accepting new clients for placement in Europe and North America. Hockey Talent Management is the gold standard in player management services.

For more information on how you can take your career to the next level, please email [email protected]

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