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HTM Has Immediate Openings To Fill In Krynica Zdroj

Hockey Talent Management has immediate openings to fill in Krynica Zdroj Poland. The spa capiltol of Europe, Krynica Zdroj is a picturesque Beskid mountain town with spa’s and skiing.

Since 1928, Krynica has been one of the key development centers of Polish hockey. Krynica HC is now the highest level team to be in Krynica in the last ten years.

Tomasz Baldys is bringing thirteen years experience, and four Polish Championships as a General Manager in the Polish Hockey League to Krynica as he looks to build a championship level team and pursue the return of Krynica Zdroj to the professional level of the PHL in 2024-2025.

New Head Coach Jeff Carlson, a level four USA Hockey certified coach will be leading the team on the ice. Having spent the last few years giving master level coaching clinics in Poland and other locations in Europe, Carlson is looking forward to developing a fast puck possession team that brings a physical element to the game.

Playing in the Polish first league, the top development league in the country presents players with many opportunities.

The ability to be scouted by Polish, Czech, and Slovakian professional teams all season allows players to move up when ever there is a need, or when they age out of junior hockey.

University level hockey is also available to players while playing in Europe. The ability to play for national teams can also be made available once the player establishes citizenship.

If you some day want to play pro hockey in Europe, the easiest most direct path to get there is by playing junior hockey in Europe. In some countries you are eligible to play professional games at 17 years old, in all countries you can sign a professional contract when you are 18 if you are ready.

European pro teams outside of the KHL and DEL are not scouting in North America. They do not have the money in their scouting budget to do this. If you are not a D-1, D-3 top performer, or Major Junior player, the odds are you will not play pro in Europe unless you play junior in Europe.

Krynica HC offers players options. It is an opportunity to make a decision about the direction you are taking. Not everyone is bound for NCAA hockey, and thats okay.

Even those who are bound for NCAA hockey can improve their admissions applications with a year studying abroad. You can do just that while playing in Europe and earning credit toward your degree while enjoying new cultural experiences and visiting important historical locations.

If you are a player who is looking at options, and willing to think outside of the box, lets arrange a call and discuss your options.

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