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Hudson Crusaders Folding September 1, 2012 8:05 AM

In a last minute move, the Minnesota Junior Hockey League has been blinsided by the Hudson Crusaders Junior Hockey Team.

As recently as a few days ago, Owner Harry Urschel and Head Coach Ted Urschel assured the MNJHL and its member teams that the Crusaders were in great shape and ready to play the 2012-2013 season. Last week Coach Ted Urschel informed people that he had 40 players in training camp.

The truth is that Hudson Valley did not even have a dozen players ready to come and play for them, numbers coming out of sources within and around the organization have said the team had a total of six players committed. Sources from other teams have confirmed that as recently as yesterday Hudson was offered a trade that would have had them receiving five players from one team in exchange for one player, this trade was turned down by Harry Urschel.

Harry Urschel, known to be very vocal with his opinions within the league and on public message boards was not the most popular figure in junior hockey, his tantrums, and incoherent ramblings are legendary.

The Crusaders had been on a weeks long campaign of asking other Tier III teams to send them their players that had tried out and not made their teams. Most teams declined to help the Crusaders, and the few players that were refered to the Crusaders from other teams have largely chosen to play for other Tier III teams.

The Crusaders earned a reputation in hockey over the course of years that kept players from signing to pay in Hudson.

The timing of the departure, a week from the beginning of the MNJHL regular season is perhaps the most egregious of all. Failure to let your business and league partners know in a timely manner of these serious problems causes problems for the other league members who are doing the right things for players.

The MNJHL is now rumored to be planning a dispersal draft of the few players Hudson Valley had signed. This unfortunately will also cause the league to completely re-write the season schedule. Such a well respected league should have been given the professional courtesy of advance notice.

Written By: Joseph Kolodziej

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