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Hundreds Of AJHL Graduates Dot NCAA, Professional Rosters

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by January 16, 2013 General News

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Hundreds of AJHL graduates dot NCAA, professional rosters December 31, 2012 2:03 PM

Close to 250 former players are competing at the NCAA Division I-III and professional levels this season
December 31, 2012

CHESTERFIELD, VA. – Close to 250 former Atlantic Junior Hockey League (AJHL) players are playing NCAA Division I-III and professional hockey this season.

Four alums are playing professional hockey, and 29 are competing for NCAA Division I teams. Two-hundred-and-sixteen former AJHL players are playing at the NCAA Division III level.

Four of the players are NHL draft picks.

Below (and attached as a Word document) is list of former AJHL players playing NCAA Division I-III and professional hockey in 2012-13:


National Hockey League
John Carlson – Washington Capitals (New Jersey Rockets) *

American Hockey League
Jarred Tinordi – Hamilton Bulldogs (Washington Jr. Nationals) *

Nick Petersen – Orlando Solar Bears (Washington Jr. Nationals) *

Federal Hockey League
Matt Harrington – Cape Cod Bluefins (Walpole Express)

NCAA – Division I
Atlantic Hockey
Chris Bond – University of Connecticut (Washington Jr. Nationals)
Jacob Brightbill – Sacred Heart University (Walpole Express)
Evan Carriere – University of Connecticut (Northern Cyclones)
Edward DeWald – Mercyhurst University (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Nicky Grasso – American International College (New York Bobcats)
Derek Kump – College of the Holy Cross (Walpole Express)
Adam Mitchell – Rochester Institute of Technology (Washington Jr. Nationals)
Dan O’Donoghue – Mercyhurst College (New York Bobcats)
John Walton – Robert Morris University (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Matthew Zay – Mercyhurst College (New York Bobcats)

David Bondra – Michigan State University (Washington Jr. Nationals)

Kyle Criscuolo – Harvard University (New York Bobcats)
Luke Curadi – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Alex Hagen – St. Lawrence University (New York Bobcats)
CJ Lee – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (New Jersey Rockets)
Jordan Samuel-Thomas – Quinnipiac University (Connecticut Wolfpack) *
Matt Tinordi – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Washington Jr. Nationals)

Hockey East
Kevin Boyle – University of Massachusetts (New Jersey Rockets)
Stephen Buco – University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Boston Bulldogs)
Mike Busillo – University of Massachusetts (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Joe Houk – University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Dan Kolomatis – Merrimack College (New Jersey Rockets)
Danny Linell – Boston College (New York Bobcats)
Ben Oskroba – Northeastern University (Walpole Express)
Thomas Parisi – Providence College (New York Bobcats)
John Parker – University of Maine (New Jersey Rockets)
Zak Stone – Northeastern University (New York Bobcats)

Andrew Panzarella – University of North Dakota (Washington Jr. Nationals)

Eric Steinour – Penn State University (Boston Bulldogs)

NCAA Division III
Cassidy April – University of New England (Northern Cyclones)
Charles Bando – Castleton State College (Northern Cyclones)
Phil Buonocore – Skidmore College (New Jersey Rockets)
Cam Cain – University of New England (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Parker Carroll – Norwich University (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights)
Mike Chase – University of New England (Northern Cyclones)
Erik Cinotti – Castleton State College (New Jersey Rockets)
Tim Colvin – Skidmore College (Connecticut Wolfpack))
Patrick Corcoran – New England College (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Travis Daniel – University of Massachusetts-Boston (New Jersey Rockets)
Tyler Fleurent – University of New England (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Stephen Gallo – University of Southern Maine (Northern Cyclones)
Tom Gildersleeve – University of New England (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Chris Glover – University of New England (Boston Bulldogs)
Brian Greene – Castleton State College (Walpole Express)
Mike Greene – University of Southern Maine (Boston Bulldogs)
Sam Guimond – University of Southern Maine (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Corey Jarecki – Skidmore College (New York Bobcats)
Sean Jenkins – Saint Anselm College (Boston Bulldogs)
Nick Kolb -– University of New England (Boston Bulldogs)
Michael Kuhn – University of Massachusetts- Boston (Boston Bulldogs)
Erik Lyrvall – Norwich University (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights)
Ryne Lubert – New England College (Laconia Leafs)
Gio Marinelli – University of Massachusetts-Boston (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Daniel Mattsson – University of Southern Maine (Walpole Express)
Liam McKillop – Saint Anselm College (New York Bobcats)
Jared Melman – University of New England (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Cam Madore – University of New England (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Chris Mullen – New England College (New Jersey Rockets)
Tucker Mullin – Saint Anselm College (Boston Bulldogs)
David Nies – University of Southern Maine (Northern Cyclones)
Jason Olson – University of Southern Maine (Laconia Leafs)
Jamie Osborne – University of Southern Maine (Maine Moose)
Alex Radmin – Skidmore College (Northern Cyclones)
Tim Richter – University of Massachusetts-Boston (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Tyler Savage – Saint Anselm College (New Jersey Rockets)
Ben Schoeneberger – Castleton State College (Hartford Jr. Wolfpack)
Ryan Seward – University of Southern Maine (New York Bobcats)
Ryan Smith – Babson College (Boston Bulldogs)
Petr Soustal – St. Michael’s College (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Taylor Swarter – Castleton State College (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Kevin Vanous – Saint Anselm College (Northern Cyclones)
Sam Vikich – University of New England (Laconia Leafs)
Mike Vollmin – Babson College (Northern Cyclones)
Angelo Vrachnas – University of Southern Maine (New York Bobcats)
Steven Weston – University of Massachusetts-Boston (Boston Bulldogs)

ECAC Northeast
Patrick Avery – Johnson & Wales University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Andrew Ball – Suffolk University (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights)
Andrew Bates – Becker College (Boston Bulldogs)
Ben Bauer – Curry College (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Frank Butler – Nichols College (Hartford Jr. Wolfpack)
Zack Capozza – Suffolk University (Boston Bulldogs)
Craig Cardone – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Boston Bulldogs)
Max Carter – Johnson & Wales University (Northern Cyclones)
Jarrod Clark – Becker College (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Mike Darrar – Western New England University (New Jersey Rockets)
Justin Decowski – Johnson & Wales University (Northern Cyclones)
Nick DiNardo – Becker College (Laconia Leafs)
Steve Drago – Suffolk University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Dan Feyock – Suffolk University (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Ray Furr – Nichols College (Washington Jr. Nationals)
Eric Gethers – Western New England University (Washington Jr. Nationals)
Brandon Gilmore – Curry College (Boston Bulldogs)
Chris Gularte – Nichols College (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Jared Henderson – Curry College (Northern Cyclones)
Jacob Horst – Becker College (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Dan Kane – Becker College (Boston Bulldogs)
Don Kane – Becker College (New York Bobcats)
Brett Kangas – Johnson & Wales University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
David Kann – Becker College (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Seric Kapp – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Danny Kaufman – Johnson & Wales University (Northern Cyclones)
Ryan Kelly – Johnson & Wales University (Walpole Express)
Luc Kilgore – Johnson & Wales University (Laconia Leafs)
Patrick LeBeau – Curry College (Northern Cyclones)
Corey Lillie – Wentworth Institute of Technology (New Jersey Rockets)
Maerk Lotito – Becker College (New York Bobcats)
Carmen Mastrangelo – Suffolk University (Walpole Express)
Connor McCarthy – Suffolk University (Boston Bulldogs)
Andrew Moscardelli – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Michael Naso – Salve Regina University (Northern Cyclones)
Tom Natoli – Becker College (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Mike Novella – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Travis Owens – Curry College (Walpole Express)
Ryan Patsch – Curry College (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Eddie Patterson – Johnson & Wales University (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Alex Peck – Wentworth Institute of Technology (New York Bobcats)
Jason Pietrasiak – Johnson & Wales University (Northern Cyclones)
Dominic Puntillo – Curry College (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Brett Roman – Suffolk University (New York Bobcats)
Patrick Salkind – Nichols College (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Nick Salvaggio – Becker College (Boston Bulldogs)
Mike Schwartz – Nichols College (New York Bobcats)
Vincent Stalletti – Johnson & Wales University (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Erick Vos – Johnson & Wales University (Walpole Express)

Martin Ausserhofer – Hobart College (New Jersey Rockets)
Louie Balzano – Manhattanville College (New York Bobcats)
Steve Carlette – Elmira College (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Steve Charest – Utica College (Walpole Express)
Evan Chlanda – Utica College (New York Bobcats)
Matt Conway – Nazareth College (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Ryan Dolan – Hobart College (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Robert Etts – Utica College (New York Bobcats)
Brian Fleming – Manhattanville College (Northern Cyclones)
Bobby Hannah – Hobart College (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Tyler LeFebvre – Neumann College (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Jon Low – Hobart College (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Steve Low – Neumann College (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Lou Malvasi – Utica College (Walpole Express)
Rich Meyer – Manhattanville College (Boston Bulldogs)
Joel Rosenberg – Manhattanville College (Boston Bulldogs)
Brett Skalski – Manhattanville College (New Jersey Rockets)

Sam Avoine – Salem State University (Laconia Leafs)
Kyle Brumfield – Plymouth State University (Washington Jr. Nationals)
Andrew Bucci – Salem State University (Boston Bulldogs)
Kyle Campana – Fitchburg State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Drew Case – Worcester State University (Northern Cyclones)
Alex Cottle – Plymouth State University (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Carlo DiPazza – Fitchburg State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Andrew Douse – Plymouth State University (Walpole Express)
Derek Giansanti – Fitchburg State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Stephen Ginand – University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth (Northern Cyclones)
Brad Jones – Salem State University (Walpole Express)
Zach Lary – Fitchburg State University (Washington Jr. Nationals)
Sean Loebs – Fitchburg State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Max Lorenzen – Fitchburg State University (Washington Jr. Nationals)
Chris Mastropietro – Salem State University (Boston Bulldogs)
Daniel Miressi – Framingham State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Cam Moniz – Salem State University (Walpole Express)
Mike Morrison – Fitchburg State University (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Jay Nicholls – Framingham State University (Northern Cyclones)
Seth Phelan – Plymouth State University (Northern Cyclones)
Brett Provost – Fitchburg State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Nat Rojas – Fitchburg State University (Washington Jr. Nationals)
Matt Schafer – Framingham State University (Hartford Jr. Wolfpack)
John Soroka – Fitchburg State University (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Tim Visich – Plymouth State University (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Ronald Walsh – Salem State University (Walpole Express)
Randy Wolcott – Fitchburg State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)

Logan Bauman – Milwaukee School of Engineering (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights)
Nathan Brunk – Milwaukee School of Engineering (Boston Bulldogs)
Jesse DiLillo – Northland College (New Jersey Renegades)
Austin Grosvenor – Milwaukee School of Engineering (Walpole Express)
Kevin LoGiudice – Milwaukee School of Engineering (Boston Bulldogs)
Mason Riley – Northland College (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Austin Rohaly – Lawrence University (Walpole Express)
Matthew Schwartz – Northland College (Philadelphia Little Flyers)

Robby Brown – Bethel University (Laconia Leafs)
E.J. Gann – Bethel University (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Mitch Killian – Bethel University (Laconia Leafs)
Jimmy Perkins – Bethel University (Walpole Express)
Max Smith – Concordia University (Washington Jr. Nationals)

Andrew Wilcox – University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (Walpole Express)

Cody Armstrong – Tufts University (Walpole Express)
Stew Bell – Tufts University (Washington Jr. Nationals)
William Choi – Wesleyan College (New York Bobcats)
Michael Ciotti – Trinity College (New York Bobcats)
Tom Conlin – Connecticut College (Walpole Express)
Cameron Gibbar – Hamilton College (New York Bobcats)
Chris Kennedy – Colby College (Walpole Express)
Craig Kitto – Williams College (Washington Jr. Nationals)
Zach Lombardi – Trinity College (New York Bobcats)
Dylan Niehoff – Weslyan College (New Jersey Rockets)
Brian McNamara – Williams College (New York Bobcats)

Kevin Aufiero – Stonehill College (Walpole Express)
Kyle Craig – Franklin Pierce University (Boston Bulldogs)
Michael DiNardo – Franklin Pierce University (Boston Bulldogs)
Dave D’Amico – Assumption College (Walpole Express)
Robbie Dorgan – Stonehill College (Boston Bulldogs)
Dino Federico – Franklin Pierce University (Walpole Express)
Matt Lopes – Franklin Pierce University (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Tim McAuliffe – St. Michael’s College (Laconia Leafs)
Paddy Murphy – Franklin Pierce University (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Dave O’Brien – Franklin Pierce University (Northern Cyclones)
Tyler Savage – Saint Anselm College (New Jersey Rockets)

Brandon Angotti – Geneseo State University (New York Bobcats)
Stephen Antonik – Cortland State University (New York Bobcats)
Max Balaban – Plattsburgh State University (Northern Cyclones)
Rich Botting – Plattsburgh State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Brad Campagna – Potsdam State University (New York Bobcats)
Chris Cangro – Brockport State University (New York Bobcats)
Stephen Castriota – Fredonia State University (New York Bobcats)
Elijah Cohen – Buffalo State University (Hartford Jr. Wolfpack)
Bobby Conner – Brockport State University (Philadelphia Jr. Flyers)
Mike Connolly – Buffalo State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
John Corrigan – Buffalo State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Adam Diorio – Cortland State University (New York Bobcats)
Dillan Fox – Plattsburgh State University (Walpole Express)
Todd Graham – Buffalo State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Bryan Haude – Geneseo State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Preston Kaye – Plattsburgh State University (Northern Cyclones)
Austin Keiser – Potsdam State University (Boston Bulldogs)
Mike Lysyj – Cortland State University (New Jersey Rockets)
Michael Markowitz – Morrisville State University (New York Bobcats)
Stephen Nardi – Cortland State University (New York Bobcats)
Billy Pascalli – Potsdam State University (New York Bobcats)
Troy Polino – Brockport State University (New York Bobcats)
Zach Popp – Plattsburgh State University (Northern Cyclones)
Joe Reagan – Brockport State University (New York Bobcats)
Jake Rivera – Potsdam State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Corbin Rosmarin – Geneseo State University (Northern Cyclones)
Stephen Sachman – Brockport State University (New York Bobcats)
A.J. Sgaraglio – Geneseo State University (New York Bobcats)
Billy Strakosch – Buffalo State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)
Todd Thomas – Potsdam State University (Connecticut Wolfpack)

Joe Casale – Canton State University (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights)
Sean Gallagher – Canton State University (Portland Jr. Pirates)
Cory Giczewski – Canton State University (Laconia Leafs)
Jordan Grimsley – Canton State University (Laconia Leafs)
James Kane – Canton State University (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Greg Kmiotek – Canton State University (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights)
J.R. Lafferty – Canton State University (New York Bobcats)
Bill Ousey – Canton State University (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Jake Ranahan – Canton State University (Laconia Leafs)
Austin Root – Canton State University (Washington Jr. Nationals)
Nils Semjonovs – Canton State University (New Jersey Rockets)

* NHL draft pick

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