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Junior Hockey DB May 21, 2012 12:51 PM

On Friday May 25th, 2012 www.juniorhockeydb.com will launch its data collection efforts.

This data collection will be a free service for all Bantam, Midget and Junior Players at all levels. Juniorhockeydb will be a "opt in" site. All player stats will be published and maintained completely free of charge.

Junior teams and college programs will have free and unrestricted access. Unlike other sites that charge for player information to be published, www.juniorhockeydb.com will always be a free resource to players and teams.

All player stat submissions must include a link to official team or league stats, or contact information to coaches so that stats may be verified.

Data collection will continue through the summer. Complate site launch will take place shortly. To be one of the first to be listed email your information to stats@juniorhockeynews.com

www.juniorhockeydb.com the complete source for Junior Hockey Data.

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