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The Death Pool – Another New Unsanctioned League

Another newly formed league is being launched in Canada that will not be under the Hockey Canada umbrella. Yes, another league, and this time it’s in Ontario.

Like the fake Prada bag you can buy at the flea market, this new league will also bill itself as “Junior A” or “Tier II”, when it will really be like Junior D or Tier 4.

The North American Hockey Association has been born out of a group of guys who have been part of the CCHL for several years. One of these men is the former CCHL commissioner.

The NAHA’s eight founding franchises will include the Brockville Junior Braves, the Cornwall Junior Colts, and teams in Kingston, Smiths Falls, Ottawa East, Ottawa West, and Montreal’s South Shore and West Island.

Does any rational thinking human being believe that more hockey leagues and teams in Ontario is needed? When you already have the the entire Province covered in Junior A, B, and C, then you add in the GMHL, suddenly people think 8 more teams at a questionable competitve level are needed?

Durring the new league announcement, one of the founders referred to the NAHA as “junior prep,” likely drawing from the higher end of the 16-to-21 junior hockey age range, and offering players a pathway both to major junior and college hockey. Where have we heard this before? Maybe the playbook of the BCHL?

Make no mistake, this is just another “pay to play” operation wanting to recruit from a larger footprint than was allowed by Hockey Canada rules. Nothing more.

Researching this new league, no social media or websites have been found. Not exactly a strong stepping off point if there is nothing for people to actually look at. And when you are looking to start something new, even the “hockey genius” Derek Prue knows you need to have a website.

When reaching out to founding members for comment or information, there was no response. Also not exactly a smart course of action.

At a media event Thursday announcing the formation of the North American Hockey Association (NAHA), Brockville Braves and Tikis owner Dustin Traylen also announced the Tikis are for sale, with Brockville’s new NAHA entry taking over the Jr. B club’s Wednesday-night slot.

Traylen is part of the NAHA’s board of governors, along with Cornwall Colts owner Ian MacInnis, who will head the new league.

The men acknowledged “differences of opinions” with existing junior hockey leagues, but said their aim was not to compete with the Central Canada Hockey League or the EOJHL. They plan to operate “in tandem” with the CCHL.

Lets all remember that Hockey Canada will not allow for “in tandem” relationships with sanctioned teams and personnel.

Oh by the way, in case anyone missed it, its now JULY, and the season starts in about two months. No website, no social media, no information on all the team owners, and players are going to rush to sign with new teams being created out of thin air?

Mystery cookies will also be sold in Ontario this week. Some made with Nutella, and some made from something that may look like Nutella, but wont taste like it. Are you going to buy mystery cookies?

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