Legacy Global Sports LP Forced Into Bankruptcy

One of North America’s largest ice hockey event company’s has been forced into bankruptcy by creditors.

The company operating Selects Hockey, World Selects Invitational, Motwon Classic, and Fire on Ice events and teams among other non hockey properties, has been sought after by creditors for unpaid bills.

The aggressive filing by creditors was initiated May 20, 2020. Eight creditors are claiming damages and demanding that Legacy Global Sports LP be forced into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.


While it is yet to be seen how this will effect Legacy Global Sports going forward, many are now asking “if” these programs will go forward. If not, what happens to all the money collected for 2020 events?

Of particular concern is the fact that monies for future events have been collected and this action will likely freeze any funds available to satisfy the customers of future events.

Stay tuned for more information on this event.