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Markham Waxers Financial Issues May Determine Fate

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Markham Waxers Financial Issues May Determine Fate June 25, 2012 8:17 AM

For Fifty years the Markham Waxers have been developing players and entertaining fans. The 2012-13 Ontario Junior Hockey League season i suppossed to be a year long celebration of that milestone.

Unfortunately, one of the many things to come out of the OHA annual meeting was news that the Waxers are having serious financial challenges. These Challenges are serious enough to threaten the Waxers ability to play this season, or any other season.

OHA sources have indicated the Waxers have several outstanding financial obligations to fulfill from this past season. Iincluding an undisclosed amount owed to the league, transportation fees and money owed when players were acquired in trades for cash. These obligations are said to be in the tens of thousands of dollars, one person used the number of fifty thousand dollars speaking off the record.

Former coaches Mark Jooris and Joe Cornacchia have also each taken the team to small claims court for expenses and services rendered during their time working under current club owner Bruce Jackson. Jooris said he has a final court date July 12 while Cornacchia has his court appearance slated for November.

Perhaps more telling is that As well, the team hasn’t picked up its player registration cards yet.

If these issues are not cleared up before the end of July, one option is to cease operations for at least one season. This drastic measure would damage the OJHL and the Waxers as an organization for years to come.

Fifty years of Junior Hockey are on the line for one of the most storied Tier II franchises in Canada. How does this happen?

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