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The Death Pool – GMHL West Red Wings Disaster Continues

The GMHL West announced the Rosetown Red Wings were relocating to High Prairie Alberta.

Yes. The team that didn’t play a game yet, that doesn’t have players yet, who “over looked” having a training camp schedule, that forgot about not having ice to start the season, is relocating.

Only thing about this relocation is that they have to pay for their ice in advance, and they need some player money to do that.

Oh yeah, and the Head Coach they brought over from France? Yeah well he hasn’t been paid yet, and there are other rumors about players being recruited and told they will play for one team and being traded to another team before even reaching the first team.

Oh, and this great new idea in High Praiirie? Yeah, well they wont be playing a full schedule because the group of bumbling morons running this show doesn’t know how to make games up in a schedule.

What that little piece of information on not playing a full schedule tells you is that none of the other teams in the GMHL west will play a full schedule either. So everyone gets screwed out of games that they paid for.

Classic GMHL operating procedure here. Nothing matters except that the money gets collected.

So what happens to the Head Coach who was brought in from France to replace the Head Coach who left? No one knows, but it cant be good.

When learning how not to operate or start a new franchise, the GMHL West is writing new chapters for everyone to enjoy. This is a disaster, and any parent sending their child to this disaster actually deserves losing every penny they will have sucked from their pockets.

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