NAHL Jr Blues New Owners Sign Nelson Center Deal


NAHL Jr. Blues New Owners sign Nelson Center deal The junior hockey news





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NAHL Jr. Blues New Owners sign Nelson Center deal May 10, 2012 7:00 AM

The final step in the transfer of ownership of the Springfield Junior Blues hockey team took place on April 30th, when California resident Dan Ferguson, representing the new ownership group FERZOW LLC, signed a three-year license agreement with the Springfield Park District for use of the Nelson Center.

Under the agreement, the license fee will be $50,000 for 2012, $52,500 for 2013 and $55,125 for 2014.

The Junior Blues, members of the North American Hockey League since 1993, have been operated as a not-for-profit organization the past five years.

According to Rick Maiocco, president of the Junior Blues board of directors, the NAHL made $150,000 available to the local not-for-profit group. After outstanding bills from the recently concluded season are paid, the remaining amount — probably somewhere between $75,000 and $100,000, Maiocco said — could be given to the Springfield Junior Hockey Association.

Maiocco said the NAHL then granted FERZOW, at an undisclosed price, a franchise in the league. Maiocco added that FERZOW paid the local organization $6,000 for the rights to the Junior Blues’ name, logo and assets.

Stratton said he expects Ferguson and new coach Tony Zasowski to hold a formal press conference in Springfield sometime in the near future.

This agreement secures the short term future of the Blues. As rumors swirled the past few seasons of the team folding or moving, the NAHL has once again found a way to keep a team in its rightful home.

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