NAHL Moves In Michigan

Sources are reporting to TJHN today, that moves may be in the future for the NAHL in Michigan.  These moves are outside of the earlier reported NA3HL expansion in Michigan.

Unconfirmed reports have an ownership group out of Plymouth Michigan interested in purchasing an existing or dormant NAHL franchise.

While details remain very sketchy at this time, once source has referenced a possible sale and relocation of one existing team.  TJHN would normally not report on such a rumor, however, this source has been reliable in the past and a person named as a potential owner does have significant ties to hockey in the Detroit area.

There are a few arena’s in the Detroit area that could, and have in the past been homes to high level hockey programs.  While no arena was specified, the NAHL has experience in the Southern Michigan marketplace.

TJHN will update this story if further information is obtained.

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