NAHL To Wausau WI Lease Being Negotiated


Multiple sources within the North American Hockey League and the Wausau Wisconsin hockey community are reporting that a team is likely to call Wausau home for the 2017-2018 season.

It pays to find a nice hotel in Wausau.  Over the years, when I have traveled to Wisconsin and Minnesota, I have often stayed in Wausau.  The Jefferson Street Inn, down town, is surrounded by great restaurants, small shops and pubs.

Unlike some cities where down town becomes a ghost town.  Wausau is really just a very nice down town area that comes alive at night.

During my stays there, I made a few friends in the hockey community.  In one NAHL relocation that I consulted on, Wausau was the first location put forth to the league, and surprisingly Bossier was the second.  Now it looks as though both cities will have their NAHL teams though just a few years after they were originally put forward.

Multiple sources are reporting that once a lease is completed, and some minor construction modifications made to the arena, that an ownership group is prepared to move forward.

This team could be a replacement for the departing Kenai River Brown Bears.  I said “could” not would.  Because it looks like it may be another NAHL team that is going to relocate to Wausau and it might not be Kenai as was rumored.

Wausau demographics are excellent for an NAHL franchise if they have the right ownership group and some experienced professionals are brought in to run the franchise.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher