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New U-21 League Forming In Newfoundland

While in Canada the phrase “Juvenile Hockey” is not a new or unfamiliar thing, the phrase may be confusing for some.  Juvenile Hockey is not what many would assume to be as a league for players who are children, or under the age of 18.  In Canada the phrase is actually used for U-21 hockey.

The Island of Newfoundland is just that, and island.  Producing some very good hockey players over the years, Newfoundland has few hockey options for players who finish competing at the Midget level.

You can sometimes move on to play Senior Hockey, which players get paid a stipend to do.  Or you can go on to play Junior B if you can make the commitment to being a full time hockey player.

This new U-21 league would allow for players aged 18 to 21 to continue competing while attending school, or maintaining their full time jobs.

Darren Colbourne an ECHL Hall of Fame member, is looking to bring U-21 hockey to the western coast of Newfoundland this year.

Sanctioned by Hockey Canada, this new yet small league would be playing a lite schedule on Sunday evenings.  Right now a simple three team league is being planned for this season, and a Province wide league could be developed in the future.

Colbourne believes this will keep players in hockey when they usually drift away from the game when their options on the island run out.  The support of minor hockey is there, and player interest is there.

While technically termed U-21 or Juvenile Hockey, this could be the start of something that could be seen by many in scouting circles as junior hockey.

For more information email [email protected] or call 632-2140 and leave a message or email player/league liaison Matt Colbourne  at [email protected].

TJHN will update this story as more information becomes available.

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