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If or when the NHL lockout ends, some of its teams will have a chance to bring back a prearranged number of Major Junior players for their rosters.

As reported by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie on Twitter, NHL teams had to submit a list last month of no more than two or three drafted Major Junior players they would like to recall if the work stoppage ends and a shortened season gets under way.

One would question though whether or not this type of action or list would be something that should be included in the new Collective Bargaining agreement, and shouldnt the Major Junior Leagues have a say in this as well?

As it stands now, according to the NHL, these players could be recalled to tryout for their respective NHL teams and then normal rules would apply for keeping them or sending them back to junior. How it may effect a juniot team owning the rights to that player if the lockout ends in December has not been discussed yet.

Submitting a player’s name on the list doesn’t mean he will be recalled when the lockout ends, but makes him eligible to be considered to be recalled. According to one NHL source.

Assuming the work stoppage does end in the near future, callups of this type would effect every level of junior hockey. A Major Junior player reports to his NHL club, and then the Major Junior teams pull players from Tier II and it would continue on through the junior ranks. Eventually some players sitting on the couch right now may be playing junior again if the lockout ends.

With no transfer agreement in place between the NHL and Major Junior Hockey, this has the potential of becoming a problem for all. Is this also another issue the CHLPA would want to step in and voice opinion on?

With NHL talks resuming this week, this may be just another topic on the table. Many at the table may not be able to see the topic for its value and importance though because it is probably burried behind the big stack of money being fought over.

By Joseph Kolodziej

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