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No Hockey In Michigan Without A Mask On Ice

The State of Michigan had a very high number of COVID-19 infections when the virus first began running through the United States. Many people died, and hospitals were overwhelmed.

The Governor was aggressive, and somewhat heavy handed in her approach to slowing the virus spread. While politically controversial, the infection numbers are under control with the occasional small spike.

While the economy suffered under the strain of restrictions, its hard to argue the results. Michigan joins New York in being the two States who really achieved results with their actions to fight the virus.

That said, the skating industry has been decimated. Arenas around the State are on the verge of bankruptcy due to the six month closure in most cases.

One of the greatest hockey development States in the country is in danger of now becoming the latest COVID-19 victim due to an over reaching policy of requiring masks to be worn on the ice by players.

I could have understood requiring full face shields at every level, or masks on the bench even. But masks while in the heat of competition? This is simply nonsensical and a dramatic over reach of government authority on people’s liberty.

Clearly no medical professionals were consulted on the negative effects of restricted breathing while exercising. Lower oxygen intake can result in many problems both short and long term.

Even professional athletes who train in high altitude environments, natural or artificially created, will attest to much higher levels of stress on the bodies recuperation process.

This over reach will effect thousands of players from AAA, house, and Junior hockey. It will effect every ice arena, after they have already been crushed financially over the last six months.

This will effect equipment retailers who can’t sell if players cant or are restricted too much to play.

There are not enough arena’s available in Indiana and Ohio to accommodate the mass migration of players that will be attempted.

All of these things effect the bottom line.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a politician who gets paid no matter what? Someone who has no need to rely on generating and income or interacting with real society? Must be nice to sit on that high horse.

Good luck Michigan hockey families, the season hasn’t even started and it is all but ended with this kind of order.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser

[email protected]

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