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NOJHLs North Bay Trappers Future

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NOJHL’s North Bay Trappers Future November 8, 2012 9:20 AM

Publicly the North Bay Trappers are saying all the right things. Privately though, they have to be rethinking their business plan. With the Brampton Battalion relocating to North Bay next season the NOJHL can not afford to have another team in an OHL market.

“We are genuinely very happy for the many deserving North Bay and area junior hockey fans as the City truly deserves an OHL team. We have been assured by the City that the Junior Trappers have a home in North Bay and look forward to working with the City of North Bay in a new long term deal that will see us work along side an OHL franchise in doing what we do and develop young men into becoming even better, on and off the ice for their next level of play” said Jr. Trappers Club Governor and Director of Operations Tim Clayden when speaking to local media.

The problem is that the Sault Ste Marie Thunderbirds, and Sudbury Nickel Barons both reside in cities with OHL teams, and the numbers for their existance are not ones that would inspire confidence in a multiple team arrangement.

Its no secret that Sudbury would have gone under had new ownership not been found last year. The OHL team controls the advertising in the arenas of Sudbury, and they corner the market on ticket sales.

In the Sault, the T-Birds are forced to play out of two arenas. That limits sponsorship sales opportunity, season ticket sales, and walk up sales. Sometimes fans just wont bother trying to figure out which arena the team will be playing in on a given night.

Both NOJHL teams have great programs, great players and solid people behind the scenes, but they can not compete with the OHL.

Three out of the top four NOJHL programs now will have OHL teams in their back yeards. This certainly wont be easy for all three to maintain their high standards, and North Bay just got a competitor when it comes to dollars that they have not had.

Publicly its being handled correctly for politics sake. When looking at the future and the bottom line though, you have to believe that there are several cities working the Trappers front office with some better business offers that must be considered.

By Joseph Kolodziej

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