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Official CHLPA Press Release

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Official CHLPA Press Release August 17, 2012 1:33 PM

On august 9th 2012 in Montreal Quebec the CHLPA Canadian Hockey League Players association was officially formed. An official constitution was adopted an accepted by the players of the CHL/QMJHL, OHL WHL. The PA then proceeded to elected its board members and form their very first bargaining committee.

After numerous months of interviews and player surveys, the CHLPA has been supported and adopted by the majority of the players and the agents that represent the players.

The player’s support on this venture has been over whelming and we fully expect to have the majority of the players signed up within the next coming days.

The CHLPA would fully expect the CHL and it members clubs to recognize the PA as the official bargaining agent on behalf of the PA. If not, the PA is fully prepared to make an application to the labour board in each of the respected areas including the USA.

During this time the PA has conducted extensive interviews in the search of finding the person that best reflects the CHPLA Mission and Mandate for the players of the PA. Having said that, in the interim the PA along with the support of the player agents will finalize the signup process that is required across Canada to make the necessary application at the labour board.

The goal for the PA is to achieve a fair and economically sound education package without restrictions for each player. To not only negotiate with the CHL but with Hockey Canada as well for the use of the players in international events to help support a better education package for all the players of the PA.

The PA feels that there is NO reason why players should have so many restrictions on the use of their education packages. As it stands now the player upon finishing his playing career must execute that package in 18 months or forfeit it. That is one of the many unacceptable conditions in the standard contract as it stands now.

All players regardless of age race religion or creed are represented by the CHLPA.


"To represent all CHL players in a manner that is fair and equitable, always keeping in mind the physical, mental, education and financial well-being of each player now and in the future."

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