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Official CHLPA Statement From Glenn Gumbley Regarding Unifor

Official CHLPA Statement From Glenn Gumbley Regarding Unifor

I am pleased to confirm that an agreement has been reached between the CHLPA and Unifor that will see Unifor continue the unionization process started by the CHLPA.

For several years now I have been searching for a reputable organization that I felt could successfully promote and defend the rights of young hockey players in Canada, and based on my meetings with Unifor representatives, I believe I have finally found that organization. Their understanding of the issues facing players, and their commitment to fighting for what’s right has convinced me that this is the best way to go.

It is therefore with great confidence that I turn this project over to Unifor, the professionals within their organization and their team. As a measure of my continued commitment to this cause, I have turned over all relevant documents to aid and assist in a smooth transition.

It has been two years since I started the CHLPA, and in that time I have had to contend with personal and professional attacks from anti-union organizers who have done their level best to stop the CHLPA from ending the exploitation of young hockey players by the Canadian Hockey League.

For the past two years David Branch and the CHL have used me, my name and that of the CHLPA as a diversion from the real issues which plague the Canadian Hockey League.

As of today, I will be officially transferring the responsibility for this very important union drive to Unifor, Canada’s largest private sector union with over 305,000 members across Canada.

I am extremely proud of the fact that the CHLPA was instrumental in having the CHL change its policies regarding European and import players’ education packages. I am also proud that we were able to remove some of the player restrictions regarding term limits of education packages. We believe this is the first of many steps, which need to be addressed. I have had the great pleasure in assisting former OHL player, Milan Doczy gain access to his education package as well as helping numerous former and current CHL players resolve their issues.

Remember, only the players have changed, the issues remain the same:

  • Player education restrictions;
  • Proper procedures for releasing and signing of players;
  • Lack of adequate medical insurance;
  • Mental health and safety;
  • Lack of a adequate drug awareness program;
  • Lack of appeals process;
  • Anti-trust violations;
  • Per diem & gas allowance payments;
  • Minimum wage standards violations;
  • NCAA eligibility;
  • Lack of academic advisers and player support group;

I wish Unifor the best of luck as they move forward with this worthy and much needed player unionization project; it has been my pleasure to help defend the rights of CHL players these last few years. I wish them the best of luck as well.


Glenn Gumbley

CHLPA Founder

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