Performance Testing – Why Players Are Doing It And How They Are Using It

Every player has goals for himself. Whether its the NHL, NCAA, USHL, Major Junior, or Tier II, everyone has set goals for themselves.

Goals are what motivate athletes to become better, train harder, and take advantage of all the new technology available to them. Can you imagine where the game would be today without composite sticks or the feather light skates?

Central Scouting Services Performance Testing now allows the athlete to compare himself to athletes at the level he wants to reach. If your goal is to make the NHL, we can compare your Performance Testing Results to an NHL player average results. If your goal is NCAA, USHL or Tier II we can compare your results to those average players as well.

If you want to get to the next level you need to know exactly how you compare to athletes who are already at that level. Take the guess work out of training and preparing for camps this summer.

Only by comparing results will you get a true measure of how effective your plan to move forward is. Only by comparing results will you finally be able to understand exactly what you need to do to get to the next level.

Get bigger? Get stronger? Get faster? Ok. We all have heard these things when we are at a team camp and don’t make the team. But without knowing where the other players who make the team measure up, how do you really know what to work on?

And what if the coach is really just wrong and you are already faster than players who made the team? What if you already exceed their explosive power?

Maybe they say you need to work on your Hockey I.Q.? Central Scouting Services Performance Testing can tell you exactly where you measure up compared to the brain speed and information processing of players who are already at the next level.

During the recruiting process, scouts can search the Central Scouting Services Player Database by Performance Test Scores. If the next level team is looking for a player and finds you have the scores to be there, but aren’t committed to a team, the door then opens for you.

Take the guess work out of training. Remove doubt from yourself and for coaches at the next level. Separate yourself from all the other players doing the exact same thing every summer. Don’t go to camp like the rest of the sheep who are unprepared and hope they get an “opportunity”. Go to camp prepared with information, and prepared to take control of your future.

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