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Players Testing Positive After Showcases

The New York State Amateur Hockey Association in a letter to all of it’s member associations dated August 11 is reporting that multiple players are reportedly testing positive for COVID-19 after participating in showcases in New Hampshire and Connecticut.

The letter can be downloaded here.

Taken from that letter:

“It has been brought to the Board’s attention by the East Section, from MULTIPLE SOURCES, that a number of East Section players have recently tested positive for COVID-19; that some are sicker than others, with some players very sick; and in some cases have passed the virus on to family members and/or friends.

The players who tested positive participated in non-sanctioned tournaments held in New Hampshire (Exeter) and in Connecticut (Champions of Cromwell).  Players (and some coaches) who participated in these tournaments may now have contracted COVID unknowingly, and could also be passing the virus along to other players in their home rinks and to family members and friends.”

If true, and one would have to believe these reports to be accurate if NYSAHA puts them in writing, some people are likely going to damage the attempts for people trying to restart hockey.

It was only a matter of time before these reports began to become public. With players and parents traveling all over the country for tryouts, and other events, someone was bound to become infected.

What happens now? You can be sure that NYSAHA has notified people in New Hampshire, Connecticut, and everyone in USA Hockey.

While the NYSAHA mentions “unsanctioned” play, it simply doesn’t matter if its sanctioned or not.

If USA Hockey begins threatening to pull events from arena’s in the future who host other non USAH events during this crisis, you will see events shutting down. Hockey Canada has used this approach for years.

While everyone wants to get back on the ice, not everyone is taking the right precautions that will allow it to happen. Until a comprehensive National plan is in place, hockey is simply are risk of staying frozen for the foreseeable future.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser


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