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Putting Hockey On Hold For School

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Putting Hockey On Hold For School July 6, 2012 7:08 AM

"Student Athlete". There is a reason the word Student comes before Athlete. Some people, whether they are parents, athletes or fans, forget that playing college hockey is about being a "student athlete". It is about the college experience, earning a diploma, playing for your peers and the alumni.

Far too often the emphasis is on just playing hockey.

Jon Hall, the OJHL Stouffville Spirit netminder, knows what being a student athlete should mean. Hall has put his goaltending equipment away for the time being in order to pursue his education first. Although Hall had entertained several offers from NCAA Division Three schools, the mix of combining classes and hockey would be a major adjustment. Jon Hall has been out of high school for three years, and recognizing how hard the transition may be is an amazing thing for any young athlete..

Instead of pushing himself too far and sacrificing his grades, Jon Hall will enrol this fall at SUNY Jefferson near his hometown of Dexter, N.Y.

Sacrifice. Student athlete. Growth and maturity through the hockey experience. These are phrases that can be used to describe Jon Hall. In a time when we read about athletes and their troubles far to often, this is an example of what the experience of playing organized sport can bring to athletes everywhere. The confidence to make a great decision that will benefit themselves for the rest of their lives.

TJHN wishes continued success to Jon Hall.

Joseph Kolodziej

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