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Rating The Junior Hockey Leagues – Facts vs Opinions

After yesterdays Tier II rankings and the subsequent emails and social media comments it became clear that many people need to take a reading comprehension class.

Point in fact that every ranking we do is based on:

“This rating is based upon the 2021-2022 season and nothing more. The criteria that was used in rating these leagues, was how do teams within the leagues compare when developing players who move on to the NHL, NCAA, Canadian University, the USHL and Major Junior hockey programs.”

This statement is written very clearly. It means that the history of a league, or peoples opinions of a league do not matter. The criteria is DEVELOPMENT and UPWARD MOBILITY.

No one cares and no one participating in the annual rankings relies on league history. Or what fans may think about one league or another.

Most comments are coming from Western Canada concerning the BCHL not being “ranked properly” in their opinions. Your opinions are not supported by the facts

The BCHL leaving the CJHL was a self destructive move. That fact reduced scouting, and thus has reduced NCAA commitments. It has reduced interest in the BCHL from United States based players, and it is the majority of those players who account for the majority of NCAA commitments in the BCHL.

No where in these rankings are the levels or play or levels of talent taken into account. Some leagues did a better job of moving players to higher levels even though collectively the competition level in their league could be seen as not being as good as a league ranked below them.

Some leagues simply do a better job than others in promoting players, marketing, showcase presentation, and treatment of scouts when attending games.

Some leagues and teams go out of their way to ensure scouts attend, and those organizations almost always have more players moving up than the others. These are facts.

Want more upward development? Get more scouts in the building. Want more scouts in the buildings? Spend a little money on making them want to come to your building.

Don’t like where your league is ranked? Do more for your players and your ranking will improve. That’s a pretty simple equation to understand.

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