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Rating Tier III – More Facts No Opinions

So once again, it looks like some people need to take a reading comprehension class when looking at the rankings we do annually.

The criteria that was used, was how do teams within the leagues compare when developing players who move on to the NHL, NCAA, USHL, NAHL, NCDC, and Canada Junior A, or Canadian University hockey programs. The size of the league as in number of teams was also taken into account for depth of player talent throughout the league. The level of promotion of commitments was also taken into account for this particular rating.

This statement is written very clearly. It means peoples opinions of a league do not matter. It specifically means that any league or team staff opinions do not matter. The criteria is DEVELOPMENT and UPWARD MOBILITY.

The FACTS are that the USPHL Premier has more commitments that the EHL has, and they move about 50 times more players on to Tier II or the USHL.

FACT the USPHL Elite when looking at their commitments, and players moving up to the USPHL Premier and NCDC out produces the NA3HL.

FACT, combined the USPHL Premier and Elite have nearly DOUBLE the amount off commitments than the EHL and EHLP combined.

FACT, combined, the EHL, EHLP and NA3HL still can not equal the commitments or upward development of the USPHL Premier and Elite.

The FACT that the NA3HL has gimmicks to inflate numbers still does not help them equal the other leagues.

While the NA3HL does have more commitments than the USPHL Elite, the USPHL Elite moves more players up to the NCDC and USPHL Premier, than the NA3 moves up to the NAHL.

If you don’t like where your league is in the standings, then do a better job. Nothing derogatory was said in the rankings, in fact compliments to both the EHL and NA3HL were given. Yet, people want to complain or lash out.

The EHL and NA3HL can have their own opinions of themselves, but the facts do not support their opinions.

Development is proven out in movement up. Period. Results. Period.

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