The CJHL Response To TJHN Says Nothing About American Players To Canada

Yesterday, we broke the news about American players not going to Canada in 2020. The CJHL of course responded with an internal email to teams labeled “Membership Circulation Only”.

As usual, there is absolutely zero transparency in the operation when things are labeled “Membership Circulation Only”.

The response mentions NOTHING about American players. It mentions nothing about the borders being closed, and nothing about what the health ministry has stated.

Pay attention to the details. The CJHL can of course resume business on June 1, by signing Canadian players. Read carefully, and don’t be fooled by those who would protect their own interests over yours.

This response was sent to me from several people within the “Membership” see below;

No I have not participated in any of the talks with Hockey Canada, but other sources have. As you can see from the “Membership Circulation Only” document, which I shouldn’t have, the CJHL has some holes in their boat.

I can assure you that Brent Ladds has no influence on what the Canadian Government of the Provincial Governments of Canada do in regard to the borders being closed. I can also assure you that the CJHL has zero influence over the timeline in which border controls and health controls are relaxed.

The most important part of this “document” is that it mentions absolutely nothing about American players in Canada. It doesn’t even touch on it.

As I said to multiple Canadian Coaches yesterday who are upset by the truth, it shouldn’t be upsetting to anyone who is in favor of bettering Canadian players.

Yes, they can open the HCR which is the Hockey Canada Registry. But, how many American players can cross the border on June 1 when it opens? The answer to that according to the Canadian government is ZERO.

Yes they can establish guidelines and procedures for anything they do. Of course they can, but how many Americans can cross the borders and play in Canada? Lets not dance around the question with meaningless internal documents.

Players careers hang in the balance in some cases. The CJHL is being dishonest at best by not coming out and saying specifically what the protocols for American players will or will not be.

If you are a 20 year old American player heading into his last year of junior hockey thinking Canada is an option, don’t take anyone’s word for anything. Try crossing the Canadian border on June 1, and see what happens.

When the Canadian Prime Minister says Canada is open for “non essential” travel, then and only then will Americans be allowed to enter Canada to play hockey.

The soonest the Canadian border will open to “non essential” travel will be June 21, 2020. Those crossing the border will have to quarantine for 14 days once in Canada. Again this piece of information is not discussed in this CJHL response.

Some people have asked, “why would you write this?”. Others have asked if I have a problem with the CJHL.

To answer these questions I simply state I have no problem with the CJHL, I have in fact sent the CJHL member leagues and teams hundreds of players over the years.

Why I would write this information is simple. The players and parents who are spending thousands of dollars to play hockey have a right to know what is really going on. They have an absolute right to protect their interests. The same right the CJHL has to protect theirs.

While I know the information is upsetting, it is readily available public information for the most part. Not one person is disputing any of the Canadian governments information, or the quotes in yesterdays article.

Not one mention of American players at all in the CJHL membership only document. I wonder why? You should wonder too.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser