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The Death Pool – Are Tony Curtale Arrests The Real Reason Wichita Falls Suspended Him Indefinitely?

Happy Monday mommies and daddies.  I need to start off by saying we gave the NAHL a heads up that a story was being worked on and they didn’t respond.  So, I was told I could just do my thing.

Yeah, so, Tony Curtale the winningest coach in NAHL history was suspended indefinitely last week.  Pretty big news in the hockey world.

Now, I don’t know the guy.  So, I cant say if he’s a good guy or not.  But holy shit does this guy know how to coach and win games.  No one is saying anything different.

The problem is, Tony must have pissed some people off in his travels.  Because ever since his suspension we have been getting information from people that don’t look too good for Tony.  Apparently, Tony isn’t as good a people person as he is a coach.

curtale1That beauty was sent to us by a “concerned parent”.  The same “concerned parent” that sent us this;

curtale4And the another “concerned parent” sent us this;

curtale3So, yeah, I kinda couldn’t just ignore shit like this you know.  So I spent a week of research and boom, everything was pretty easy to verify.

Seriously, I don’t give two shits if two guys have a little scrap.  Old school shit in the parking lot is not a big deal.  But apparently scrapping is a more than once in a while thing in this case.

What I do give a shit about though is this stuff happened and was public information.  So, if, and that’s an IF because I cant be sure.  But if its being used now as a tool to get rid of Curtale that’s a real problem.  Its a bigger problem if the owners knew about these things before he was “suspended indefinitely” and chose to use them now.

The whole bullshit story that Tony wouldn’t let the kids do their prayer circle on the ice looks a lot more like the Owners were looking for a reason to get rid of him.  Because guess what kids, Tony is right about making sure its a whole team activity if its being done publicly.

What if one of the players was having a crisis of his faith and he felt pressured to participate and that pressure lead him to not practice his faith?  What if there is a Muslim on a team who feels uncomfortable with it?  What if there is a person of Jewish descent?  How would all the Christians feel if they were subjected to prayer from the Qur’an or Torah, after every game?

See I suspect everyone knew about this stuff with Tony.  Apparently he is pretty well known for being easily fired up.  It took me less than two minutes to verify the stuff that was being sent to me.  It took me less than another five minutes to dig deeper and find more.  It may have taken a grand total of two or three days to research other stories that were coming in.

So, can we all stop the bullshit in Wichita Falls?  Maybe we can talk about how the attendance sucks for the last few years and people are talking about the team being sold?  Maybe we can talk about how that attendance impacts the budget and the ability to pay a coach like Curtale what his coaching skills command?

Or, maybe this stuff in the courts did just become known to the Owners.  Unlikely, but what the hell lets say it just happened.  So maybe the owners didn’t want to come out publicly.  Or, maybe the owners knew all along and just found out an appeal had been dismissed?

What ever happened, who ever was in charge of this “suspension” is a freakin moron.  This was handled completely unprofessionally.  Get a grip on your Facebook page you dummies!  You don’t come out and make an announcement like this without saying why the winningest coach in NAHL history is being suspended.  Maybe, because you don’t know what the hell you’re doing your franchise is not what it used to be?

Nahhhhhh.  These deep pocketed owners always know what they are doing.  I mean, running a chain of profitable consumable products based businesses sure means you can run a profitable junior hockey team.  Yep, cause everyone needs to buy a hockey ticket like they need to buy soap.

Not saying Curtale is innocent here.  But the whole thing doesn’t even pass the initial smell test.  Something stinks.  Now who is willing to step up and claim the garbage?

Speaking of garbage.  We may have some more good stuff on some more great owners up in the GMHL.  You know, like people not paying bills, like lawsuits, and all that good stuff.  Check back soon.

In the mean time, we got us an over under line starting for how many teams fold right at, or right after the holiday break.  If you got any clues on who you think is gonna meet their demise send me a line, I always look forward to the holidays! Ha Ha Ha

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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