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The Death Pool – Battle Of The Bastards CAJHL vs NJHL Update

Western Canada. It is a beautiful and wild place. Lots of forests, rolling hills, and farm land mixed in. Hard winters, and hard hitting hockey is what these areas are kown for.

The turf battle between the CAJHL and NJHL is on. While a lot of things get lost in the BCHL news and BC Hockey’s stupidity, the Battle of The Bastards hockey version is full on right now. For those of you who are bastards, we hope you take no offense to our description of these two donkey shows.

The NJHL, newly minted shit show once known as the GMHL West, looks like it will attempt a season with five teams. We say attempt, because to date not one player signing has been announced. We also note that two locations the hockey genious Derek Prue was working on look to have been educated and are passing on contributing to this gong show.

But, this donkey show does have a camp planned for September 9 and 10 that will feature some unnamed pro scouts, and the cast of creepers from the NJHL. Will it actually take place? Will enough players fork over the money to attend?

Then we have the CAJHL. They have expanded to seven teams for the 2023-2024 season. They are announcing player signings and have already released a schedule.

This bastard has actually picked up its game. Working hard on their social media and websites, they are actually starting to look like something that could become a legitimate league in a few more years. Granted, the hockey is still brutal, and no one is scouting the league, but they are definitely trying to become something.

The big question now is, will the NJHL actually get off the ground for 2023-2024? And if they do, how many of the five teams will survive the season.

How many of the CAJHL seven teams will finish the season?

Looking ahead to 2024-2024, can the CAJHL become strong enough to kill off the NJHL completely? Can they take some of those franchise locations away from the NJHL? Can the CAJHL expandin into territories once targeted by the NJHL?

The Battle of the Bastards will be a lot longer than the one on Game of Thrones, but this one will likely produce just as many bodies in the form of players and parents who get screwed. But in showbusiness, they always need “extras” so at least you know your role.

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