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The Death Pool – Battle Of The Bastards – Part Four – Another Team Switches Leagues

Just when you thought that the NJHL and CAJHL battle roayal for turf in Western Canada couldn’t any more stupid, they go ahead and do just that. Stupidity knows no bounds between the NJHL and CAJHL.

The “Vulcan Rampage” who signed a charter with the CAJHL are now looking to move to the NJHL. Why? No one really knows for sure, but the rumor is that the Rampage made the move to avoid paying franchise or membership fees to the CAJHL.

Indeed more signs of such strong financial backing in this laughing stock called the NJHL.

Who in their right mind is going to do business with any other business that tells you openly or uses the grounds that the reason they want to do business with you is to avoid paying someone else? Really, what idiot thinks that is a good business practice?

Aparently the “hockey genius” not only thinks its a good idea, he has been practicing this approach for years. Plunder and pillage what ever you can is the NJHL motto.

The CAJHL though is not letting this happen without a fight. Other information coming out of Western Canada is pointing to a lawsuit and the arena potentially canceling the ice rental contract of the Rampage.

The funny thing is the CAJHL put out a public statement regarding these actions. Calling the actions of the Rampage and NJHL “poaching” of teams, stating that they were “targeted” and that it was improper.

News flash CAJHL, its not poaching, its business. Frankly, it is your own fault for picking such poor ownership groups that this would even be a consideration. Yes, poor choices in ownership are the fault of the league because not enough work was dont ensuring that the franchise was viable and that ownership was going to be a good league partner.

And if no one anticipated the NJHL and the “hockey genius” trying to scoop some CAJHL teams up, then who ever is running the CAJHL is not very smart. The writing was on the wall with the Northern Alberta Lightning.

What does it say about the NJHL though that these two teams would shirk their financial obligations in order to join the NJHL? It tells me and every other hockey professional that the NJHL is desperate. They will take anyone. The NJHL will do anything to survive.

Desperate people do desperate things.

I wonder when the CAJHL makes an end around move for one of the NJHL teams? I wonder if they would even accept a defector at this point?

So now it looks like the CAJHL is at five teams and the NJHL is at five teams. The real question is when will some of these teams fold, and which league will survive? Betting odds favor the CAJHL surviving at this point, but the “hockey genius” may have more tricks up his sleaves.

Stick around, this is long from over.

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