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The Death Pool – Battle Of The Bastards Part Three

Some people were laughing when we started talking about the “turf war” that was going to take place in Alberta between the CAJHL and the NJHL. Thats ok, we understand some people dont see things coming as quickly as others.

As we were publishing the previous Battle Of the Bastards update, the NJHL was making some moves toward grabbing one of the CAJHL’s franchises.

On the heels of a disastrous NJHL “pro and junior” identification camp where there were more parents in the stands than there were players on this ice, the NJHL added a new member out of the CAJHL.

Adding a new member out of the CAJHL though is really all about perception. See, the CAJHL kicked the Northern Alberta Lightning out of the league when the Lightning failed to meet their team financial obligations to the league. You know, those pesky little details about paying league dues and things.

When the CAJHL kicked out the Northern Alberta Lightning, the Lightning were left without an opponent to play against in a pre season game.

Enter the NJHL.

The NJHL, after receiving desperate messages from the Northern Alberta Lightning put together a “showcase team” and went to play against the Northern Alberta Lightning. Doing the Lightning this favor and allowing the “pre season” game to take place, brought the two sides together and this new alliance was formed.

What do you get though out of this new alliance?

When you add a team that was just kicked out of a league for not paying its bills to a league that is also well known for its teams not paying their bills, you must surely have a receipe for success!

Of course it also is telling in that the Northern Alberta Lightning were actually a CAJHL expansion team for this year, and they got kicked out of the league before ever playing a game. Indeed, nothing says a road to success is ahead like blowing up your franchise before playing a game.

Now, the NJHL of course is trying to twist the news according the the “hockey genius” business operations play book. Stating that the Northern Alberta Lightning left the CAJHL to come to the NJHL. The NJHL spin doctor even went so far as to call the NJHL a higher level league. (please stop laughing now)

The “hockey genius” is now said to be creating a marketing campaign for the NJHL. The new marketing campaign to be centered around a game called “Poop or Chocolate”, have a taste and decide for yourself.

Stick around, rumors are flying about multiple Tier III teams on the verge of folding and starting the season with dangerously low numbers.

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