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The Death Pool – Battle Of The Bastards Update – Five Teams At Risk Of Folding

While teams in the USPHL, EHL and NA3HL are sitting on absolutely overflowing rosters of thirty of more players, the CAJHL and NJHL have teams that are desperately at risk of folding with the next cold wind that hits them.

The latest abomination from the “hockey genius” Derek Prue, known as the NJHL is off to a fantastic start. Having snagged two teams away from the staggeringly successful CAJHL, there is a race to dive head first into the Death Pool intensive care unit.

The steaming pile of moose dung also known as the Fox Creek Ice Kings is leading the way for the NJHL. Playing four games with a minus 28 goal differential, all TEN of the skaters for this team are really showing just how great an organization it is.

The model of consistency, Fox Creek is hopeful they will be able to improve on their stellar campaign of last season that saw their goal differential at negative nintey two. Bravo!

Close behind in the NJHL biggest loser competition is the Vulcan Rampage. The Rampage if you remember were suppossed to be a CAJHL expansion team who at the last minute jumped the CAJHL ship in order to join the “hockey genius” traveling circus.

The Rampage are said to be doing so well recruiting, that they will not only need to borrow players from other teams, but they may also need to have some ice lent to them. This gong show only has one game on its schedule so far and its an away game. Can you smell the success brewing here?

The CAJHL on the other hand looks to be in even worse shape than the NJHL. Three out of the CAJHL’s five teams are on the brink of being tossed into body bags. How could it get any worse than losing two teams to the “hockey genius” before the season even starts? Well the CAJHL have surely found a way.

Leading the CAJHL “pack” are the Hinton Tiberwolves. With a league lowest ten players and two goalies, this pack of Timberwolves might have more staff members than players. The game sheets are just awesome for this joke of a team. Ten players and nine staff members listed! Really? Did you miss listing the guy who delivered the pizza on Friday night?

Next in the cue are the Barrhead Bombers. Bombers? Really? Boasting a total of elevn players and two goalies, the Bombers are more likely to be sent on a mission to drop the kids off at the pool than to bomb anyone. But hey, they are carrying on their tradition of terrible recruiting, and there is something to be said about maintaining traditions.

Brining up the rear are the wildly successful Souther Alberta Mustangs. With thirteen players and two goalies, this incredible program is not even competititve enough to beat the Barrhead Bombers, and the Hinton Timberwolves when they outman both programs.

Keep in mind though that the two CAJHL teams not mentioned here are in not much better shape than those that are. No team has a full roster, but hey you know, its an exclusive league only designed for top level players who want the absolute best programming. (sarcasm font)

If you really want to make a statement about the CAJHL it would be this;

Even though the Hinton Timberwolves have the lowest roster numbers, they are the leagues best team. They are in first place and undefeated.

With these five teams officially on the Death Pool watch, who is going to fold first?

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