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The Death Pool – Body Count Rising

The carnage, ohhhhh the suffering.  Ha Ha Ha  Sorry kids, I cant help but laugh at all these idiots who are crying about their teams not playing this year.  Its hilarious.

Really, think about it.  The league gives out expansion teams, collects the expansion fee and then steps back.  Teams think that players are going to just sign up because there is a team to play on.  The only word to describe that is STUPID!

So lets look at things now.

The NSHL announces 2 expansion teams.  One doesn’t get off the ground.

The WSHL announces several expansion teams, and in the process they kill off one existing team and one expansion team.

The NA3HL announces the merger of the AWHL, and the addition of two expansion teams.  No one has folded, but some are clearly not healthy.

Then you have the MNJHL, they add 1 team and in the process three teams go dark.

You got the NPHL that looks like a complete train wreck, with only one or two teams that could play a game today if they had to.

You got teams in leagues out east struggling to get to their roster numbers.

The MWJHL added a team, and then folded a team, and could be on the verge of one more team folding.

Then you have the CIHL in Canada that sprouted up with 8 teams and they look to be doing just fine.  Ya think that might have something to do with hiring guys that played in the NHL and OHL?  Nahhhhhhh experience schmexperience.

Toss in the idiots up in the CIJHL who tried to start hockey’s version of communal life in the utopia of British Columbia with six teams that were announced and now look to be gone.

The GOJHL, the top Junior B league in Canada says goodbye to the Buffalo Regals.  Well maybe not so much of a goodbye as a thank god we don’t have to play them any more.

What’s all this add up to?  It adds up to a bunch of dumb ass people who think they know what they are doing and they clearly have no clue.  It adds up to teams folding and undue pressure on players and parents because you have created the instability in the Tier III or pay to play market yourselves.

Way to go guys!  You’re in charge of Tier III because no new teams get approved without the existing teams approving the new teams.  You created your own mess.  some of you have put yourselves out of business!  Now that’s so freaking funny I cant believe it.  Read that sentence again you dumb ass!  Isn’t that just hilarious?

By my count there were going to be 27 new Pay To Play junior teams this year throughout the United States and Canada.  Yep 27 including two new leagues in Canada.

Out of those 27 new teams, 9 have already folded and more are on the way.  8 of the 27 in the CIHL look like they are doing just fine.  So 10 of these new teams have their heads on the block.  Beyond that 27 teams though, existing teams have their head on the block too.

Ya think you might want to control yourselves when expansion comes up again?  Or are you going to chase the almighty expansion fee again?

I have to wonder if USA Hockey and AAU don’t think about dropping all pay to play sanctioning at some point.  I mean really, is the headache worth the money?

You’re going to love the next special report kids, I am telling you its gonna be special.  Stay tuned kids, more on the way……..

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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