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The Death Pool – Follow This NJHL Name Game If You Can

Firstly, let me thank the “hockey genius” Derek Prue for all of the absolute stupidity displayed by his leagues and teams over the years. Really, I mean it. In the history of junior hockey there has never been such a complete and utter display of shit show business practices, that allows all of us to laugh like crazy nearly every week.

Then again, there is another side to this insanity on display in Western Canada. There have been and will continue to be a lot of people hurt by this traveling clown show. Money will be lost, bills will be left unpaid, and players will get nothing out of playing in this league other than the hangovers from all the alcohol they consume.

The NJHL, the league that keeps on giving. The generosity knows no bounds.

Now, follow this if you can.

The Northern Alberta Tomahawks, named a new General Manager this summer. Then somehow they Tomahawks become the Northern Alberta Crush. The Crush were supposed to owned by some guy that got kicked out of a sanctioned league.

The Crush then hired a Head Coach and General Manager. Everybody with me? Good.

The NJHL then added the Northern Alberta lightning after the Lighning were kicked out of the CJHL for not paying its bills and dues owed to the league. Then the Northern Alberta Lightning played an exhibition game against a bunch of players the NJHL slapped together.

The next day, the Northern Alberta Lightning were kicked out of what they thought was going to be their home rink, and the city is moving forward working with the CAJHL on exhibition games and a new team for next season.

So, now the Northern Alberta Lightning had a league and no arena. Mysteriosly, the NJHL lost the Northern Alberta Tomahawks, and the Northern Alberta Lightning re-appeared. Still with me? Good.

So now, the NJHL has has the Noerthern Alberta Lightning playing in Thorsby Alberta where the Northern Alberta Crush were suppossed to play. And the NJHL has five teams. If you can call them teams.

The Thorsby Crush and Northern Alberta Tomahaks have disappeared. Strangley there was another UFO sighting in Thorsby Alberta, similar to the one that took place when other “hockey genius” operated teams disappeared.

If it sounds like the NJHL is desperate, and making things up as they go along. You might just be right about that. And if you’re dumb enough to pay for this, you deserve all of the nothing you will get.

The good news is the NJHL has hired a new accounting firm to handle all the tuition collections.

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