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The Death Pool – Fox Creek Ice Kings On Deaths Door

A new year, and a new time to spread the joy of the holiday season. And by spreading joy we mean delivering the news that so many of you are anticipating.

The Fox Creek Ice Queens, errr Kings, are on life support. And when I say life support I mean that if it were not for players being loaned to them, they would already be dead.

Should this be surprising though? I think not.

With a record of six wins and fifteen losses, with a negative eighty nine goal differential, the Ice Kings are showing exactly why the NJHL is not junior hockey. You disagree?

The Ice Kings, showing all forms of professional management have not updated their website since August 11, 2022. Yes, thats right. Read it again. The Fox Creek Ice Kings have not updated their website in nearly a year and a half. And that last update was only to announce a golf outing.

Should we be surprised though when the website isnt updated? When following the “hockey business genius” operation model for the NJHL that allowed for the NJHL to publish a two sentence update on an “all star” game that was played two weeks prior, you obviously have the ultimate in leadership.

This is what players and parents are paying for?

In the last two games the fabulous Ice Kings have dressed ten skaters and two goalies, and nine skaters and two goalies. Nothing says quality organization like having players lent to them and they still cant get to a roster size that would allow for safe play.

Rumors out of Alberta are that the players have had enough of the charade, and some are looking to jump ship before it sinks.

In other interesting NJHL news, this vehicle was once again spotted in Alberta heading toward Fox Creek. Stay tuned as there may be another alien abduction orchestrated by the “hockey business genius”.

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