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The Death Pool – GMHL Tillsonburg Hurricanes Fold

Its another beautiful day in August when Tier III teams around North America begin to realize “oh shit are we screwed”. Yep, the panic buttons are being pushed everywhere.

But the GMHL doesn’t panic. They just add a completely already proven shit show out in western Canada to replace the shit shows they have in Ontario that fold every year. Its beauty is simple by design.

The Tillsonburg Hurricanes are officially dead. Not because they couldn’t get the players. This was actually a fairly successful team by Tier III standards.

Nope. Tillsonburg is done because of money that went missing, a coach tampering with other teams players, and…….partying and drinking with players on his own team!

Yes. Quality coaching and oversight. This is the hallmark of a GMHL franchise.

Tillsonburg though came out and actually told the truth in a public statement. Professional that they came out publicly, but airing your dirty laundry like this is WOW. Hurricanes Release

Now all we have to do is wait for all those super awesome stories coming our of the GMHL West. You know the old WPHA that changed its name like no one would know. You guys cant buy enough of this…..

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