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The Death Pool – GMHL West Coach Calls Player Queer – Nothing Happens

Players can sometimes say things in the heat of competition that they usually later regret. It has happened many times in every league in the world. They are still kids after all and make mistakes. They get corrected by a suspension and some counseling and we all move on the better for it.

Coaches though, they are held to a much higher standard. Much higher even if you work in a shit show league.

Andy Meth is just the most recent idiot to work in the GMHL West. Please watch the video until the end and listen for what Coach Meth screams to an indigenous player around the ten second mark.

Nothing says quality coaching like your Head Coach calling a player “queer” from the bench so that it can be picked up and recorded in the stands. Classy move douche bag.

This incident took place a week ago in the GMHL West. What happened to Coach Meth? Nothing. What does Slave Lake Ownership do? Nothing. What does the GMHL West do? Nothing. What does the GMHL do? Nothing.

That is the quality of league, ownership and team management you can expect from the GMHL West and the GMHL. This is the level of professionalism you can expect from its coaches.

Listen again to all the screaming from the bench and the language used. And people support this kind of behavior? The coach just continues coaching without consequence?

This is what the clowns in the GMHL West support group and Facebook gang want to support? You have got to be kidding me.

In any legitimate league this “coach” would have been fired immediately. The League would have suspended him immediately. But, this is the GMHL West. The bastard offspring of the GMHL, so why would anyone expect any type of standards to be designed or enforced.

Sweep it under the rug and it didn’t happen is the GMHL West and GMHL way of doing business. Anyone keeping thier son involved with this league will receive exactly what they deserve. Nothing.

* As an update. Sources are now reporting that Meth has been fired. He has been replaced with Griffin Thiessen who was either fired or quit earlier this season depending on who you talk to. Funny because Thiessen is also listed as a Defenseman for the Ice Dogs and is 20 years old.

* As a second update, with the departure of Meth, it is now being reported that there is no adult living at the “hockey house” where the players are living. When you have coaches living with players such as Meth was, you are going to have problems. When you have no adult supervision in a “hockey house” you are going to have serious problems. And this is what is supposed to be junior hockey?

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